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What plans are available on the ntel network?

There are 2 types of plans available on the ntel network- Pay-As-You-Go  (a click on this links the customer to the PAYG page) and the Pre-commitment plans. This plans allow the customer to engage with the network either by pre-committing or using the network on the go

Can I subscribe to any plan of my choice?

If you are an existing customer, simply log-on to myntel (self service) or Quickteller or visit an ntel. If you are  not an ntel customer, kindly visit any ntel store near you for SIM registration and activation.

How can I subscribe to any of the plans?

If you are an existing customer, simply log-on to your ntel mini-care or Quickteller or visit an ntel store. If you are  not an ntel customer, kindly visit an ntel store near you for SIM-activation.


Data Plans

How many Data Plans are available on the ntel network?

There are primarily two categories of data plans. The Data Test Drive plans and the ntel More data only plans.

How can I determine the right Plan for me?

We understand that our customers have different needs and consumption habits. Hence, to guide you in determining the one for you, we have designed the Data Test Drive which allows you enjoy 3 months unlimited data while discovering while data consumption pattern.

What USSD code can I use to subscribe to any ntel Data Plan?

ntel does not use USSD codes for subscriptions. To subscribe to a bundle, click HERE to access the ntel Mini-Care

How can I confirm the activation and expiry dates of my Data Plan?

You can confirm the activation and expiry dates of your Data Plan via the Mini Care portal. You can download this from Google Play or login through the ntel website.

How can I check the status of my bundle resources?

You can check the status of your plan resources via ntel Mini Care.

Can I renew my subscription for the same bundle before expiration?

Yes, you can via our self-care portal When you do this, the existing plan is de-activated and the new plan kicks in immediately. Your validity would now be updated to the validity of the new plan. 



What services are available on the Pay-As-You-Go plan?

Pay-As-You-Go offers crystal clear voice and SMS services (PAYG Voice and SMS) as well as high-speed data services (PAYG Data) anywhere within our coverage.

How do I get on a PAYG plan?

To get on PAYG, simply buy some ntel airtime on your device but due to an NCC directive, you are required to opt-in to use PAYG data. Please note that all new subscribers to the network will be activated on a bundle.

Can I SIM-activate my number using a PAYG plan?

No, you cannot. SIM activation is only possible using a bundle plan. At the expiration of that bundle, you may then opt for a PAYG plan or subscribe to another bundle.

What are the tariffs for the services used while on PAYG?

While on PAYG, high-speed Internet access is at N40/MB.

Can I switch from a PAYG plan to a bundle plan?

Yes, you can switch from PAYG to a bundle plan at any time.

Data Test Drive

What is Data Test Drive?

When ntel commenced services on the 8th April 2016, we offered an Unlimited Experience via Data Test Drive. Essentially, we offered the opportunity to subscribe for a 2-day plan, a weekly plan, or a Monthly plan, and enjoy unlimited use of our superfast 4G LTE-Advanced data services for a period of 90 days.

However, in response to immense demand from our teeming customers in Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt, we revised the duration for the Data Test Drive Plans from 90 days to 365 days. This offer will now be coming to an end on April 7, 2017.

Why is ntel ending Data Test Drive?

Since we launched, we have since rolled out a bouquet of offerings – Unlimited, as well as Capped Data Plans, Free Data Offers, Voice Bundles, and so on. We have now provided a full set of data plans available for every pocket size – from 1GB for just N500, to a whopping 80GB for just N25,000. All our plans, whether capped or unlimited, offer the same superfast 4G LTE-Advanced experience.

Does it mean ntel is no longer offering Unlimited Plans?

ntel will continue to offer Unlimited plans in all shapes and sizes. For example, we currently offer Night Plans at unbeatable rates of N500 (2 Nights), N1,500 (7 Nights), and N5,000 (30 Nights). Each Night period is for 8 Hours, from 10.00pm till 6.00AM. We also offer a Heavy User Plan, at N60,000 for 90 days.

Stay tuned over the next few days and weeks for even more flavors of Unlimited, from ntel!

What other offers are available apart from Unlimited?

We have an extensive bouquet of bundle plans, whether data-only, or Data+Voice+SMS Combo plans, available for all sizes of pocket. Click here for more details of our ntel More Bundled Plans.

I just subscribed for the Data Test Drive. Does that mean I don’t get to enjoy it at all?

You will be able to enjoy your Subscribed Plan for the current cycle you are on. However, you won’t be able to continue subscribing to this plan once your cycle ends. But don’t worry, we have something cooking for you! Watch this Space.

How can I partake in the Data Test Drive?

To get access to the unlimited data benefits of the Data Test Drive, simply activate an ntel SIM and subscribe to a data bundle of your choice. Once your bundle becomes active, you will automatically be enabled to enjoy our Data Test Drive.

How long does the Data Test Drive last for?

The Data Test Drive runs for a Test Period of 3 months i.e. 90 days from the time of activation.

What can I use my unlimited data access for?

You can use your unlimited data access for anything you’ve ever imagined doing with abundant broadband.

Can I enjoy the Data Test Drive outside Nigeria?

No, the Data Test Drive is only accessible in Nigeria. If you go abroad during your Test Period, we will charge you standard roaming rates while you are there and your Test Period will continue to run in your absence.

Will I still enjoy unlimited data if I switch bundles during the Data Test Drive?

Yes. If you switch to a new bundle during your Data Test Drive, you will still be able to enjoy unlimited data. However, your Test Period will commence from the initial date of activation.

Will I still have access to unlimited data if my bundle expires?

No. To keep enjoying unlimited data, you must keep your bundle subscription active.

After the 90 days’ Test Period, can I have access to the Data Test Drive again?

Data Test Drive is a one-time opportunity available to only new ntel customers. After the Test Period has elapsed, you can subscribe to any bundle of your choice or opt for PAYG Data on the self-care portal and continue enjoying high-speed data.


How do I activate my subscription?

  • Visit any of our stores;
  • Buy a SIM and an ntel LTE device or Bring your own LTE device;
  • Choose a number or retrieve your reserved number;
  • Perform customer registration;
  • Select  one of our activation plans;
  • Start enjoying the ntel service

Technology and Coverage

What is Voice Over LTE (VoLTE)?

Voice-over-LTE means true HD Voice calling over 4G LTE Network.  With VoLTE, voice calls are more accurate & clearer.  To enjoy this service, your device must support VoLTE features.

Where can I experience your network?

We are constantly expanding our coverage to ensure no one who wants to experience our network is left out. Click here to view our coverage map.

Quality Of Service (Fair Use Policy)

What is Fair Use Policy, and why is ntel applying fair usage to my plans?

Fair Usage applies to some of our Unlimited Plans. When a subscriber is seen by ntel’s systems to be consuming an extremely high amount of data in relation to the plans they are subscribed to, Fair Usage applies in that situation.

For example, if you are subscribed to a Smartphone Plan, and your data usage is much higher than would be normally typical for a smartphone user, your network access speed will be moderated, to ensure that other users also enjoy a fair amount of data usage and network speed.

What is Fair Usage threshold?

The Fair Usage threshold varies depending on the plan. Ntel may vary the conditions for fair usage from time to time, in a way that ensures a fair and complete experience for all subscribers.

On getting to the Fair Usage Threshold, what happens to my subscription?

ntel will begin to manage your data throughput and speeds, in relation to network conditions. You will likely be experiencing slower speeds than normal. This is however temporary, and your normal experience will be restored once the conditions of usage change. Currently the threshold of change is midnight.

It is just early morning, and I am experiencing slow speeds; Could I have already crossed the threshold?

It’s possible that you may have already crossed the threshold very early in the day, if you are doing any of the following:

  • Downloading large-sized files, maybe 500MB or 1GB more, multiple times;
  • Continuous long streaming of High-Definition (HD) video from sources such as YouTube, at HD speed & resolution (4.5Mbps, 1080p resolution);
  • Sharing your connection continuously with more than three other devices via tethering; these users may be engaging in any of those activities such as downloading large files or continuous HD streaming for a long period.

I thought I had an Unlimited Connection! So how much data can I use without crossing the Fair Usage Threshold?

You can still use a lot of data even within the Fair Usage Threshold, depending on what you are doing. Typically, on the Smartphone Monthly plans which has the least threshold, you can stream videos up to 5 hours without crossing the threshold

Also, note that you can use much more data than these stated limits, only at a different speed and experience than when you are within the Fair Usage Limits. With the Booster, you can boost your data usage even more

I don’t want Fair Usage at all. Any alternatives for me?

Not all our plans have Fair Usage Restrictions. Here are a few examples:

  • ntel More XL: 80GB data at N25k for 3 months;
  • ntel More Classic: 4GB at N2.5k for 1 month;
  • ntel More Max: 16GB at N7.5k for 1 month;
  • Data Bolt-On: 1GB for N500 for 7 days.


What kind of devices can I use on the ntel network?

You can use all 4G LTE mobile internet devices that are confirmed compatible with the network.

Why Do I need an LTE device?

The ntel mobile network is a pure-play 4G LTE-Advanced network. This means we do not have 2G or 3G. Therefore our mobile network can only be accessed via a 4G LTE device.

How can I confirm if my device is 4G LTE compatible?

Click here for more info on ntels device configuration settings. If your device does not work after you have followed these steps, kindly visit our store.

What are the criteria of a 4G LTE device that can work on ntel’s network?

A 4G LTE device that can work on our network must support:

  • Flexible Division Duplex (FDD);
  • Spectrum bands 3 (1800MHz) and 8 (900MHz).

What can I do if my device is not 4G LTE compatible?

If your device is not 4G LTE compatible, you can purchase a compatible device here.

What devices are compatible with ntel’s network?

A wide range of 4G LTE devices are presently available in the market. These devices are categorized into data-over-LTE only and Voice & Data-over-LTE.
The data over LTE devices: Click here for devices in this category that we have tested and confirmed compatible with our network.
Voice & data over LTE: Samsung S7; Tecno C5; Konka R1 & R2. To buy devices in this category, click here or kindly visit any of our stores.
For device selection and activation support, kindly visit the store also.

How do I configure my device if it is 4G LTE compatible?

You can configure your 4G LTE device by following these easy steps. You can also visit an ntel Centre for assistance with device configuration.

I have a device which you have listed as tested and confirmed as 4G LTE compatible but I cannot connect to the ntel network. What should I do?

Click here for more info on ntels device configuration settings. If your device does not work after you have followed these steps, kindly visit our store.

I already have a Samsung S7 would it work on your network?

Yes. The Samsung S7 and S7 edge are supported on the ntel network. Please click here for configuration steps

I already have a Tecno C5, would it work on your network?

Presently, only VoLTE supported devices bought from our store will work on our network. We are in discussions with Tecno to ensure any C5 in the hands of our consumers will work on our network. Kindly check back regularly for updates on this.

Can I trade in my old device for a new one?

Presently, you cannot trade your old device for a new one but we are in discussions with trade-in service providers. Kindly check back regularly for updates on this.

Are there any financing options for purchasing devices from ntel?

Presently, we do not have financing options but we are in discussions with financial institutions who provide this service. Kindly check back regularly for updates on this.

Will devices purchased from ntel come with insurance?

Presently, devices purchased from ntel do not come with insurance but we are in discussions with insurance companies who provide this service. Kindly check back regularly for updates.

SIMs and Airtime:


Where can I purchase an ntel SIM card?

You can purchase airtime online via Mini Care & Quickteller, and also at ntel stores.

How do I activate my SIM?

To activate your SIM, subscribe to any bundle of your choice, insert the SIM into your 4G LTE device and configure.

Can I activate my SIM using a PAYG plan?

No. SIM activation is only possible with bundle plans.

Can I use my ntel SIM card in any type of device?

You can use your ntel SIM in any 4G LTE device that has been confirmed compatible with ntel network.

Can I use one SIM in multiple devices?

Yes, you can. ntel SIM cards are Nano SIMs with Micro and Standard SIM adapters that allow you use a SIM card across several 4G LTE compatible devices.

Can I store pictures and other files on my ntel SIM?

No. Although ntel SIM cards have larger storage capacities than regular SIM cards, only subscriber or service-related information can be stored.

Can I use my ntel SIM abroad?

Yes, you can use your ntel SIM abroad however; service charges will be as per standard roaming rates.

Can I give my SIM card to someone else?

Yes. You can give your SIM card to someone else but you should remember that all registration and account information will remain in your name.

I cannot remember my SIM pin. What should I do?

Kindly visit any of our stores or call 0700 ntel live

What happens if my SIM card gets damaged, stolen or lost?

Kindly visit any of our stores for SIM replacement.

How do I de-activate my SIM card?

Kindly visit any of our stores or call 0700 ntel live


Where can I purchase airtime?

You can purchase airtime online via Mini Care & Quickteller, and also at ntel stores

What USSD code can I use to top up my airtime?

Presently, we do not have a USSD for top-up. For airtime top-ups, kindly visit ntel Mini Care.

Can I transfer airtime to another ntel SIM?

No, you cannot transfer airtime from one ntel SIM to another. Please check back for updates on when this feature will become available

How do I check my airtime balance?

To check your airtime balance, go to ntel Mini Care

How long will my airtime recharge be valid for?

Your airtime recharge will be valid for the duration of your subscriber life-cycle which is equal to 180 days of inactivity.