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ntel 4GLTE MiFi

Getting started with your ntel 4G/LTE MiFi

You can now enjoy superfast internet access on multiple devices on the go with ntel 4G/LTE MiFi!

Using your ntel 4G/LTE MiFi is easy, simply:

  • Ensure your ntel SIM is registered and has an active data subscription
  • Ensure the MiFi is powered up on battery or connected to a power source
  • Insert your ntel SIM correctly into the MiFi device and enjoy super-fast internet access.

Step One

Insert an ntel SIM into your device and visit the web UI login by opening your browser and visiting

The MiFi home page is displayed as above.

Step Two

Click on the Module that has the “ntel 4G Connected” as shown below

Step Three

Switch off the network connection by dragging the switch to the left as shown below

Step Four

Go back and click on the settings module as shown below:

Select profile management and insert the parameters.

Kindly ensure that the “ntel” APN is set as the default APN. To verify this, on Profile management, the profile name will have a “(D)” next to it.

Step Five

Insert the settings by following the instructions below:

  • New
  • Setting profile name as “NTEL”
  • Insert Dial Number *99#
  • APN is ntel
  • Click on Save

Save the settings by clicking on save. Go back to step two above and ensure that data connection is toggled back to “on”.

That’s all! You’re now set to enjoy superfast Internet access on multiple devices on the go!

Device Specifications

You can view the ntel 4G LTE device specifications by clicking below

Device Specifications