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ntel VOXHD Installation Guide

Download & Install

Once you’ve completed download, click on install and follow the visual guide below to enable VOXHD install on your device. Ensure phone is set to use VOX APN. Set your APN HERE

Once installation is complete, the ntel VOXHD icon
appears as shown above.

Authenticate and Log-in

Click on the app icon and you will see below during authentication
(ensure there’s a registered ntel SIM in your device)

Once you have successfully logged in,
the screen above is displayed.

Make Calls and Send SMS with ntel VOXHD

Select the ‘calls’ sub module to make calls, view logs for both incoming and outgoing calls, call history etc.

Click on the ‘contacts’ sub module to check your contacts.

You can view status of the app connectivity on the notifications page as seen here.

Making a call using the app can prompt you for a calling preference.
You can set VOXHD as default by selecting app icon.

You can also select other options such as hold, speaker, app interface etc. during a call.