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DND Policy

1.     ntel respects your right to choose the promotional messages you may wish to receive.

2.    There is a DND (Do not disturb) service available to you at no cost.

3.    To avail yourself of this free service, please visit ntel.com.ng/dndform/ to fill an electronic form indicating your preference from a list of services.

4.   You may choose to call our customer care line: 0700 ntel live (0700 6835 5483) to indicate your DND preference.

5.    Any selected category on the DND form will be removed from your list of possible promotional messages.

Fair Use

  1. ntel means NatCom Development & Investment Ltd trading under the brand name ntel. ntel and NatCom may be used interchangeably under this policy.
  1. At ntel, our goal is to give each customer the fastest broadband data service possible at the best value for money.  We strive to develop services, plans and policies to make that possible.
  1. As part of our efforts to provide the best experience to all our customers, ntel has created this Fair Use Policy.  This Policy sets out important requirements pertaining to your use of ntel’s services. It has been designed to help ensure the best broadband data speeds for the vast majority of our customers, while minimizing any inconvenience caused by our network management practices. It also discloses information about ntel’s network performance, network management practices and network security.
  1. This Policy shall apply to all our customers (pre-paid and post-paid).
  1. To ensure that all customers have equitable access to ntel’s network, ntel has defined usage levels that govern the amount of data that a customer can upload and download within stated periods of time as described further below:
  • Unlimited Plans:  If you subscribe to an ntel price plan, service or feature that is described as unlimited, you should be aware that such unlimited plans remain subject to ntel’s Fair Use Policy. If your usage of our unlimited plans is greater than a predefined amount during any 24-hour period (measured from midnight each day), then ntel may at its sole discretion reduce the priority of that user’s mobile broadband data service relative to other users, until midnight of that day.
  • Approximate Data Usage Examples:  Basic information and examples showing the approximate data usage for several common Internet activities appear below (alongside, in parentheses, we show the number of such activities required to use up an illustrative data allowance of 2GB).
  • Approximate Data Volume by Use case:
  • E-mail (1 text page without attachments): 4 KB (500,000)
  • Word Document (5 text pages): 80 KB (25,000)
  • Web Page: 120 KB (16,667)
  • Digital Photo: 400 KB (5,000)
  • PowerPoint Presentation (20 pages

text & light graphics):                                            5 MB (400)

  • One hour of standard music streaming: 60 MB (33)
  • One hour of standard definition (360p)

video streaming:                                                    360MB (6)

Note:  The above examples are estimates only, based on approximate size assumptions.  Actual file sizes and user experiences will vary.

  • Network Performance:  The actual speeds you experience may vary depending on a number of factors, including the type of device you are using, the websites or applications you are accessing, the time of day, network congestion and other factors in the transmission path between your device and the Internet.  You may also experience slower network speeds if an area is experiencing more data usage than normal, which overburdens the area’s network resources.  Coverage limitations may also affect your actual network speed.  Coverage can be affected by such things as terrain, weather, foliage, buildings, signal strength, customer equipment and other factors. Coverage indoors may also vary.
  • Network Management and Security:  To help ensure equitable access to ntel’s network for all customers, ntel has implemented some network management systems and policies.  ntel has also implemented key technologies to more efficiently transmit data.  Presently these technologies include caching and re-prioritizing data. Over time, they will include delivery of content “just in time,” compressing data and re-sizing video for individual devices, which may affect the appearance of the content being displayed.
  1. To ensure that peer-to-peer traffic does not unreasonably hamper our customers’ ability to access the Internet, we limit the aggregate bandwidth available to peer-to-peer traffic to a fixed, but variable, percent of total bandwidth available during periods of peak usage.  As a result of this aggregate bandwidth limitation, customers seeking to send or receive peer-to-peer traffic during peak periods may experience significantly slower data speeds compared to other types of traffic.
  1. ntel allows use of all 4G/LTE devices that are configured to operate on ntel’s network, that can receive an ntel signal and that have been issued with a SIM card that is duly registered and activated for the ntel network.
  1. Other than as mentioned above, with respect to peer-to-peer traffic, ntel’s network management practices are agnostic to the content that traverses its network and to the websites that provide that content.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, ntel may block outright or reduce the priority of traffic that violates its Fair Use Policy.
  1. ntel designs and manages its network in a manner intended to enable the delivery of quality service regardless of the specific applications you are enjoying at any given time.  Nevertheless, as with any service that makes use of shared network capacity, it is possible that heavy use of, including but not limited to, file transfers, online gaming, streaming during periods of network congestion or simultaneous heavy use of Internet access could impact the throughput speed at which online content is delivered to your device.  ntel monitors network usage and seeks to augment capacity as necessary to enable customers to use all of our services with minimal adverse impacts from network congestion.
  1. Customers are only entitled to use our services for personal purposes and not for resale. ntel reserves the right to impose network protection controls, change the priority of, suspend or block your access to services, or disconnect you if your use is excessive and/or not in keeping with that reasonably expected of a private individual without prior notification.
  1. ntel may revise this Fair Use Policy at any time by posting a new version of this document on www.ntel.com.ng/fair-use-policy or any successor URL(s).  Revised copies of this Fair Use Policy will become effective immediately upon posting.  Customers are therefore invited to visit ntel’s website regularly.
  1. ntel also reserve the right to limit or suspend service to anyone who uses or attempts to use the service in any way that is fraudulent or any manner that may have negative consequences on its business including but not limited to actions or inactions that may attract any sanctions or penalties.
  1. The conditions set out in this fair use policy is based on bundles used within Nigeria. Any use when you are abroad will be charged at the relevant international rates.
  1. For ntel’s current price plans please visit: ntel.com.ng.

Intellectual Property

  1. Users must observe intellectual property (IP) rights including, copyright laws as they apply to software and electronic forms of information.
  1. Users must not violate copyright laws or carry on any illegal activities, using the ntel network. This includes using ntel’s network, computing facilities and resources, to receive, transmit/retransmit, duplicate, destroy, or tamper with software or data, whether stored or transmitted, unless authorised by copyrights holder, licensor, and any applicable law to do so; which laws include but are not limited to Copyright Act Cap.C28 (LFN 2004) and all other applicable local and International laws. Examples of protected materials include written material, sound files, motion pictures, photos, animations, and software not originally created by the User.
  1. ntel reserves the right to disclose, upon demand by any statutory or duly authorised bodies and persons without notice to the User in accordance with any law or regulation in force in Nigeria at any point in time or applicable international guidelines, rules or regulations, any private or confidential information about a User in its domain in relation to an IP infringement, queries associated to such user.
  1. ntel reserves the right to disclose to appropriate authorities any violation of intellectual or cyber rights by a User, and stands indemnified to the full extent by the User of such infringement or violation.
  1. ntel reserves the right to interrupt or suspend services to a User, without notice if ntel discovers or has cause to believe that its services is being used or have been used for any improper or unlawful purpose or commission of any form of IP infringement by the User.


  1. ntel respects the security and privacy of your personal information. Consequently, this Privacy Policy has been evolved to explain to you the way in which ntel uses your personal data, and describe the steps involved in the protection of customer information.
  1. ntel will treat all consumer information or personal data we obtain from our customers as confidential. ntel has in place appropriate technical and organisational security measures to prevent unauthorised or unlawful disclosure or access.
  1. Your securely-held personal data will only be accessible by select authorised members of staff and business partners whom we shall ensure covenant to treat it with the same high level of confidentiality.
  2. We shall only use such information for the improvement of our services and are committed to providing you with professional, valuable and personalised service whilst safeguarding your personal data.
  3. Other than as set out in this Privacy Policy, ntel will not disclose or share your personal data with any other third-party without your express consent unless this is necessary to provide the services or products which you requested when providing us with your personal data or as required by law.
  1. ntel undertakes to abide by the strictest standards of confidentiality with respect to the disclosure of such information and states herein that such information shall only be made available in accordance with the provisions of relevant legislations or as may be requested by any Nigerian law enforcement agencies and judicial institutions in combating fraud/crime or by an order of a court of competent jurisdiction.