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Who is an ntel Entrepreneur?

An ntel Entrepreneur is a forward-thinking business partner who understands the potential of partnering with a revolutionary brand like ntel. He or she is fully engaged, empowered and positioned to leverage ntel’s abundant broadband opportunities to earn money and other exciting rewards.

Our Commitment

Broadband is the journey. Empowerment is the destination

We are committed to equipping you with all the resources you need to truly become empowered.
We offer the latest products, customised services and support to help you grow while keeping you connected to Nigeria’s most advanced network.
We pride ourselves on creating great customer experiences, and hope that you will too.

How it works

STEP ONE – Sign Up

Register for our entrepreneurship program for opportunities to trade in some of the most technologically-significant products and services in the world. Our ntel representatives are always available to advise you on how to make your registration easy.

STEP TWO – Take Stock

Pay for your business tools and products. ntel rates are very competitive and friendly so you can conveniently pay for all you need to get started.

STEP THREE – Make Money

Smile to the bank as you increase your business territories and earnings.

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