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My ntel Story

Employee Testimonials

Glad to know I made the right choice. The feeling is great! To be part of a great team who made history in Nigeria by launching the first 4G voice and data network. I’m excited at the way staff here think, eager to solve problems and do things differently. It’s a great paradigm shift that propels you to give nothing but your utmost best. Staff here are very eager to help and the level of cooperation, team work and support is great.

Sales Support and Performance Analysis Manager

Working in NTEL has provided me with the rare opportunity of acquiring modern, hands-on and relevant engineering skills including the opportunity to work with very experienced colleagues who have vast knowledge of the industry and are eager to provide support.<br /> This has led to an increase of my productivity level and improvement of my interpersonal skills. In all, I’ve a renewed mind-set that no endeavour is beyond reach.


Great workplace, one of the few places I have seen where everyone makes conscious effort to reduce wastes and get value for money. We are conscious of cost in order to be able to sell services to consumers at the lowest best rate. Good people, they reduce my workload.

Finance Business Partner, Planning and Budgeting

Since joining the company, I always look forward to coming to the office because every day had given me the opportunity to learn something new and to tackle and accomplish a task that will move us closer to realising our ultimate goal of launching our network. I look forward to tackling more challenging and interesting task.

Head, CS Core and Roaming

Joining the ntel family has been a phenomenal vide for my career development. Having the opportunity to interact with highly intelligent professional across all business areas. I have a job that offers me variety and challenge, wonderful environment, great culture and colleagues. So proud to be ntel.

Human Resources

My experience with NATCOM has been a thrill. The environment doesn’t only give me the opportunity to add value, it equally adds value to me. Natcom staff members are amiable and wonderful people making Natcom like home away from home.

IT Support