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ntel 4GLTE Offerings

Superfast Internet Access at up to 30Mbps and HD Voice

Data Plans for everyone

With us, you’ll never need to worry about exhausting your data ever again!

So spoil yourself with superfast Internet access be it capped or unlimited, with any of our affordable Daily, Weekly, Monthly, 6 Months or Annual Data Plans.



Crystal Clear High Definition Voice Calls

There’s nothing better than hearing every detail in your loved ones’ voices.

So make sure your next phone call is not just a regular one but a VoLTE call with ntel VOXHD.

Select from our range of voice only calls or voice bundle offers.



4G LTE Devices

Get the best offers on 4G LTE Devices perfectly suited for the ntel 4G/LTE-Advanced network.

Explore our growing list of devices and enjoy the amazing deals designed just for you.


Get the best data & voice deals on the planet!

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