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About SAT-3

SAT-3 stands for South Atlantic Telecommunications Cable number 3. SAT-3 is a submarine fiber optic communications cable funded and owned by ntel (NatCom) and 47 other leading telecoms operators across the globe. It was launched to bridge the digital divide between Africa and the developed countries; offering faster and more affordable communications channels necessary for rapid growth and development within the region.
Together with WASC (West African Submarine Cable) and SAFE (South Africa Far East), SAT-3 constitutes a ground-breaking undersea cable system that connects West Africa to Europe, South Africa and Asia. This SAT-3/WASC/SAFE cable system is divided into two subsystems – the ‘SAT-3/WASC’ in the Atlantic Ocean and ‘SAFE’ in the Indian Ocean. It is the longest cable system in the world (about 22, 800km) and has a proven track record of optimum network performance, both regionally and globally.

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