ntel offers various best-in-class fixed network services to enterprises and wholesale customers through the superior SAT-3 technology. These services include:

International Private Leased Circuit: This service provides guaranteed bandwidth and Point-to-Point Layer 1 or Layer 2 connections between a local point and an international destination. It can be offered with or without restoration with traffic delivered to any location in the world and terminated either as SDH or by using Ethernet Interfaces.

IP Transit: This service allows customers’ traffic transit the network and reach the rest of the internet. It specifically caters for ISPs and large enterprises or customers that have their own blocks of assigned public IP addresses. IP Transit requires peering with the customer and is delivered over an Ethernet Interface. In this case, customer traffic is seen as originating from the customer network.

IP Access: This service usually comes with a range of IP addresses provided for the customer’s use. It caters for enterprises that require internet access but do not have assigned public IP addresses. With this service, customer traffic is routed through our network and seen under the NatCom ASN.

Ethernet (L2) Private Line: This service provides Point-to-Point dedicated L2 service and is usually for connecting branch offices to their head offices.

Ethernet (L2) Private LAN: This service provides Point-to-Multipoint or Multipoint-to-Multipoint connection between different branch offices over a Layer 2 fixed network.

L2/L3 MPLS: This service is provided over an MPLS core network. It involves Layer 2 or Layer 3 MPLS service provided for routing customer traffic between different customer locations.